Institute of Science and Information Technology

(approved by AICTE, affiliated to Biju Patnaik University of Technology)

Faculty Overview

The faculty comprises of commited, proficient and inter-active professionals each excelling in his respective field. Each of them spend their time not only in teaching but also assist in development and research.

Developing academic excellence amongst its students has been the prime concern of the faculty. A student evaluation committee reviews affairs concerning academic performance and other aspect of every student. The evaluation process includes assignment, formative and summative exams held at the end of the year.

The IISIT faculty members are committed to the personal & professional development of their students. This commitment is experienced not only by the hours spent in the classroom, but also by the time devoted to class preparation & student counseling.

The Faculty take personal care in building a student’s competence in academics and the self. They also act as mentors in guiding a student’s all-round development. They influence the student’s behaviour in the improvement of knowledge, attitude & skill.

The Faculty of IISIT comprises of both the Core Faculties and Visiting Faculties drawn from various Institutes, Organizations and Industries of repute.

The Faculties orchestrate classroom instruction, case study method, discussions etc. urging students to stretch their imaginations & analytical skills to reach creative solution & broaden their understanding of issues. Faculties are accessible to students beyond classroom & many serve as advisers to field study groups & to students conducting individual research projects since curriculum development, case writing and research are inseparable elements of the Institute’s mission. Faculty continuously write new cases updating and revising existing ones. The faculty’s ongoing involvement with practicing managers ensures that the curriculum is current & focuses on both contemporary and future issues.

It has been acknowledge by students and Alumni of IISIT that the faculties of IISIT are ideal teachers. Many alumni and students have identified a few qualities, analysed and synthesized these and have shown as to how these illustrate, illumine, instill, inspire and impart to the students, the true traits of an ideal teacher, who have confidence, selflessness, equanimity, compassion, motivation, gratitude, communication, leading by example, concern for students and love. The faculty at IISIT are not only ideal teachers but also are helping. Through their educational experiment, which is now well known, the faculty’s objective at IISIT is to make their students ideal leaders, good and great.

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